Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Test

  • Early stage, precise, safe, efficient
  • Non-invasive gender test on fetus
  • 6 weeks and above pregnancy
  • Accuracy reaches 99.5%
  • Non-invasive, and a bit of mother’s blood is needed.
  • Takes only one working day to obtain the results.

Mother’s Blood And The Fetus’ Gender

XY chromosomes are to decide human’s sex. Generally speaking, female has XX chromosomes, while male has one X and one Y chromosome.

During pregnancy, a bit of fetus’ DNA will enter mother’s blood through placenta. Therefore a small quantity of fetus DNA can be distracted from mother’s blood, and decide the gender of the fetus.

Test Procedure

.Doctor confirms the duration of the pregnancy which is more than 6 weeks.
.Medical personnel extract 12ml of blood sample from the mother.
.Blood sample is sealed and sent to the lab to undergo tests.
.The test will be completed within one working day, and the clinic will inform the mother.