Precision Genomic Specialized in providing Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing, utilizing the novel DNA technique to help parents aware of the fetus’ health and inheritance.

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Precision Genomic provides customized services for different clients. Your doctor will provide information of various tests, such as why the tests are needed, what kind of tests, what are the benefits of the tests, and when to have the test. You are the one to choose the tests, so you need to know all the test items, and if you have any questions, please consult your medical consultant.

Non-invasive prenatal genetic test

Simple, safe and precise blood test, aims at evaluating the possibility of getting inherited diseases from parents, and the gender of the fetus.

Inherited Disease Test

Some disease will be inherited, such as sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, mental illness, and muscular atrophy . You will be guaranteed to have healthy babies through genetic disease test.


Every child has its potential. Knowing your child’s potential will help parents know how to cultivate the child. And make the life-long learning easy and interesting.

Latest News


Our technical partnership Yourgene has gained the favor of British investment.


Biotechnology has attracted countries around the world to invest. DNA sequencing is the foundation of precision medicine, and so the demand increases. DNA sequencing technology in Taiwan is very advanced, and with reasonable price, many startups have emerged. And with the flexibility and diversity of business models of Taiwan companies, and foreign companies are attracted to stationed in Taiwan, as the pioneer station to enter Asian market.


Our technical partnership Sofiva has been on the emerging stock selling at $45.


The company’s target for this year is to provide cancer genetic tests, and at the same time provide the precision medication concept, targeting on cervical cancer. The stock price has once risen to $104, with the increase of 131%.


Precision Genomic Latest Edition


In line with the development of the company, Precision Gene has updated the website. With the same website, this newly designed website also enables users to browse through cellphones and tablets.

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