About Us

Probe the Secret of Life.


Precision Genomic

Precision Genomic specialized in providing Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing, utilizing the novel DNA technique to help parents aware of the fetus’ health and inheritance.

Our Business

Precision Genomic Limited is a subsidiary of PGROUP. Founded in 2013, the company is one of the understanding and reputed medical group in Hong Kong. Core Business of PGROUP includes:

  • Precision Genomic
    specializes in non-invasive prenatal test, genetic disease test, HPV DNA test, etc.
  • Present Genomic
    specializes in cancer gene detection, preventive testing, prenatal testing
  • PSYGene(PSYGene)
    specializes in talent and personality gene testing.

Our Background

Precision Genomic focuses in Non-invasive Prenatal Test and has been leading the industry for years. We provide different Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services so as to respond toward the globally expanding market for gene testing. As the first Hong Kong laboratory providing Non-invasive Prenatal Test (NiPT), we are able to offer accurate reports efficiently along with more professional and all-round after-sales follow-up services.

All procedures of NiPT are strictly monitored by our experienced doctors of bioinformatics, registered pharmacists, medical chemists, specialists of biotechnology and Genetics.

Our Business Partners

We continue to expand our networks with partners around the world.

Believing the forward-thinking philosophy, Precision Genomic is collaborating with international biotech corporations such as Sofiva, Fontona and Thai Genomes, and is dedicated to providing more services in gynaecology, obstetrics and other domains .