Prenatal Test

Advanced genetic techniques such as non-invasive prenatal test, karyotyping, and aCGH can provide detailed genetic information.

Features of NIPS

Suitable for
  • Women with 10 weeks or above pregnancy, caring about fetal health and especially for the below:
    High-risk group: advanced maternal age, having family history of related disorder, having pregnancy history of chromosomal abnormalities, abnormal ultrasound analysis, high-risk in first-trimester blood test.
  • Not willing to undergo invasive prenatal test:
    Placenta praevia, not enough amniotic fluid, worry about the risk of miscarriage and infection.
  • 10 weeks pregnancy or above, over 99% detection rate
  • Avoid the risk of miscarriage and infection due to invasive sampling
  • 20 microdeletion screened in a single test

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